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Tech Flavours: A Closer Look Inside

Tech Flavours is a Drum & Bass Sample Pack inspired by the sub-genre of Tech Step, a style that has cemented itself in the Underground UK Drum & Bass scene since its first pioneers (artists such as Ed Rush, Trace, Optical, Teebee and Doc Scott) pushed the sound in the mid 90’s.

It appears as though the sub-genre was created to oppose the adoption of more upbeat and commercial sounds that were emerging in the early stages of the evolution of Jungle and Drum & Bass.

As a consequence, Tech Step is characterised by a dark and moody undertone still prevalent in the underground scene today.

Production styles have developed over the years and so has the sound of Drum & Bass.

Tech Flavours attempts to capture the spirit of the pioneering Tech Step Artists and translate it into where it is today – picking up on modern influences along the way.

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Product Contents

This Sample Pack features 735 High Quality, Royalty Free, 24bit 44.1kHz WAV files (1.53GB total) broken down as:

  • 75 Bass Loops
  • 40 Drum Loops
  • 20 Drum Fills
  • 45 Top Loops
  • 40 Synth Loops
  • 30 Arp Loops
  • 30 Atmospheres
  • 60 FX
  • 40 Glitch Loops.
  • 350 One Shots: 60 Bass Hits, 50 Synth Hits, 30 Reverb FX Hits, 70 Tuned Kicks, 40 Snares & Claps, 60 Hats, 40 Percussion Hits.

Bass Loops & Hits

At the core of Tech Flavours lies its large collection Bass sounds, which incorporate a heavily polished and professional feel to the pack.

The Bass samples were created using Xfer Serum and many feature additional FX processing outside the plugin.

Bassloop 70

Bassloop 43

Bass Hit 29

Bassloop 10

Bassloop 07

Drum Loops, Top Loops & Fills

The drums were created by combining drum synthesis with recorded transient sounds and textures, which set the stage for an interesting library of hits to program the loops from.

Glitch, distortion and modulation FX often pierce into the final beats of the loops to create fills with a tech signature.

Look out for the 70 Tuned kicks included the one shots section which are available across all tunings A-G.

Drum Loop 03

Drum Loop 26

Drum Loop 28

Drum Loop 12

Fill 04

Hat Loop 06

Synth Loops & Arp Loops

Alarm-like, hypnotising and rave influenced Synth and Arp Samples pump life into buildups and add tech groove to beats.

Fitting the purpose of complementing the Bass & Drum Loops, these sounds are predominantly very techy and aggressive.

Synth Loop 12

Synth Loop 22

Synth Loop 35

Arp Loop 07


Dark and looming, the atmospheres are reminiscent of something from the Blade Runner soundtrack.

Giving the producer the ability to create immersive and powerful moods in the sought after tech-step style.

Atmos 07

Atmos 25

Atmos 32

Atmos 33

FX, Glitch & Reverb Loops & Hits

Sci-Fi inspired sound design and complex form give the FX samples a unique character.

They are perfect for dragging into compositions to strengthen a buildup, or simply to add more detail and depth to sections.

FX 05

FX 15

FX Riser 09

Glitch FX 33

Pitch Riser 02

Reverb FX 21

174 FX 12

Tech Flavours

Discover the sounds of the exciting hybrid Sub-Genre of Techstep, which masterfully fuses robotic and industrial sounds with the fast rolling breaks of the UK’s most intricate rave music.

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