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5 Ways To Get Inspired

Having a strong understanding of what inspiration is and how to nurture it is critical to a successful career in a creative field.

Many professionals who rely on a creative craft are at the mercy of the strange beast that is inspiration.

Having a strong understanding of what inspiration is and how to nurture it is critical to a successful career in a creative field.

Perhaps you are not a professional but more of a hobbyist or aspiring artist.

Either way this article aims to help you understand the forces that are behind those special days where you output your creative work at 500%.

Creativity itself is defined by Oxford as “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

Hence your creativity is often crafted by your minds good health and the wealth of its past experiences.

Many of the following suggestions are catering to one of those two ingredients of creativity.

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1 : Step Outside What You Know

If you are a music producer that produces Dubstep, listen to a new genre of music and get lost in exploring it.

It’s easy to become close minded in your specific discipline and there is unimaginable quantities of exciting and innovative artists out there to learn from.

Don’t forget that our ability to create is built on a framework of reference to existing artistic works.

Expand that framework and you will innovate your own craft.

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2: Get Outdoors And Experience Something New

Unless you are very lucky, it’s likely that your craft requires you to be indoors.

Therefore you may well suffer from prolonged periods in an un-natural space.

Your mind and body must be in balance for them to function as best they can.

Make sure you get plenty of daylight on your Vitamin-D-starved skin and get outside often for whatever reason you can think up.

It will do you so much more good than you think.

KAN Samples DividerKAN Samples Read a novel

3: Read A Novel

Reading as an activity is unrivalled in its level of brain stimulation.

If your brain was a muscle, this is a highly effective workout.

In particular for your imagination and concentration – two invaluable skills to train in all forms of artistry.

If you are not reading a novel right now, consider picking one up.

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4: Discipline Your Physical Body And Routine

Exercise discipline in your daily routine.

Wake up, work and sleep in a regular and constant pattern and your talent and mind will grow strong in response.

Set work hours, deadlines and milestones for your creative work and try hard to rigidly stick to it.

Physically working out at a gym or taking up a hobby that involves exercise will also help tremendously in giving balance to your mind and body.

“Discipline and constant work are the whetstones upon which the dull knife of talent is honed until it becomes sharp enough, hopefully, to cut through even the toughest meat and gristle.”Stephen King

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5: Exercise Your Creativity In New Ways

Expression comes in many beautiful forms and each exercises different skills and knowledge.

Improving your ability to express creativity in a new discipline will give new insight into your primary craft.

Write a short story, draw a picture or create an experimental song. New perspectives and skills are always of benefit in the creative field of work.

What makes you inspired most?

What wears out your creative fire?

These are important questions you should be finding answers to.

Nurture your creative spirit and practice consciously looking at how inspiration behaves within yourself and you will become a master of it.

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